*The Princess Diary*
Wednesday, March 17, 2004
okk. backtrack. hols just started abt 5 days ago i think. and band left for ireland trip on last thurs which is way soo cool. i wanna go too. ireland is my absolute fav country in the whole entire world! it's just so prettyy. =)

erm. ok. lemme think. i had chamber practise on last sat and i just realize how awful my violin skills are getting. i think im getting rusty. comeon! i havent even touched that violin since i passed my grade 8? and that is like 2 years ago i think. not to mention that ive been playing the viola in ensemble since sec 3. ayee. i feel so terrible. everyone plays fabulously well except mee. and they've practised the pieces for 3 months already while i've just started. applaud me.

sunday... i went out with my ex classmates. all my best friends. all in hc. yup. we went marche, but unfortunately i didnt eat because i've just eaten a burger king breakfast with my parents and ohh, complete with a caramel pie that has just come out. it was so damn goood. i love caramel stuff so much. yum. err. yah. where was i? ohh ok. yah, since i was feeling so full, i had to forfeit the marche food. marche sells fanastic desserts... but they're all fattening. argh. who cares. anyway, i think my body has a quite high metabolism because i eat alot but im not fat. so that's good. =) yup. after that we hang arnd orchard... went shopping and tried out this pretty dress, that is pink. it's more like an elegant gown i think. damn nicee. but i didnt buy it. ive got soo many gowns rotting in my cupboard now anyway. hmm... but it was sooo prettyy. ok. then we went cine. they watched the haunted mansion while yanling and i went taka and walked arnd. met leila there. =) she's my friend's friend that later became my friend and she's soo nice. yup. err. then... we went home. yahh.

tuesaday, which is yesterday. had chamber rehearsal at suntec because we are playing for some important reception which involves some mp going in or something like that. camy and yuwadae wanted me to go down to taka to meet them but it was rainingg so heavily. they were soo nice to offer to come down to suntec instead. but. i had to go home. so in the end. siigh. we didnt get to meet afterall.

yup. that's the hols so far for you. =) and i still miss him like crazyyy. siigh. i miss him. i miss him. i miss him. i miss him. erps. but i shall try to stop missing him. I SHANT CARE ANYMORE.

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