*The Princess Diary*
Monday, March 08, 2004
yesterday i went out with my family for lunch at cafe fountainbleau at allson's hotel. it was some sort of buffet or high tea sort of thing. yup. the food there were... erm. ok i guess. i prefer more western food like crepes and madeleines. hmm. but i shant be fussy and sulk and pout over it! the food was not bad laa, except if you get down to counting the calories sitting in my stomach now!

then after that... went to shop with my mum at bugis... yep. got kindda tired but im happy with the shopping because i got myself an orange diamong studded earing that looks goood. =) im pleased with my find! yayy. ive set my eyes on this damn high heeled boots that climbs all the way to my knees. it's white leather. ohh how cool can it get? but im not buying it yet! see my resolution is finally working! but i think it wouldnt be long till i give in to my temptation eh!

today... was a normal school day except that my class got scolded in bio lecture for creating such a awful din in lecture. fine. and i think im making it a point to get scolded every lecture fot talking. siigh. was so boring in school today... had lessons until 510. no kidding, and i had my chamber audition today! it was damn screwed up but i made it in still in the end. but it was damn bad. ayeee. mabbe i shd just like cry. my grade 8 cert is like non-existant judging from my horrible standard. yuckS! haha.

and ohh. i still like that someone a lot a lot a lot a lot. but i think he's scared of me now. watever. im getting tired of this. pple are labelling me as desperate now which is so not true. and scandals involving me still havent died down after like 3 weeks? how off can thigns get? *scratches head.

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