*The Princess Diary*
Saturday, February 21, 2004
gotten myself this pretty purple halter and a great looking red dress. and another pink glittery shirt from veeko. the veeko shirt was like 49 bucks? but i think it's worth it because it's silk i think and it looks pretty, although it's really too big for me. nvm. i feel happy when it's in my cabinet! haha. okk. serious stuff, o's results are really coming out. and im damn worried. shi ying reasssures me and asks me not to be silly. she's soo sweet. =) and her friends are all very friendly and nice too. like they really make me feel welcome when we're talking together. ohh out of point. haha.ok. i hope i stay. dexter and jiawen promise to give me one a1 each. better keep ur promises ok? haha.okok. i gtg get ready, im going out for dinner with my og. some sort of bbq. =)
Thursday, February 19, 2004
was late for math tutorial for like 20 min because my friends and i were chilling out at starbucks at holland v when we forgot the time. siigh. the tutor is damn pissed i think but she was still quite nice about it. she warned us no more second time or we could get a white slip. i just realized how easy it actually is to collect white slips. chun yat has got 3 already and has to do cwo.haha. he's some friend i know because of the skipping of lectures stuff and getting into trouble stuff. and he and his friend, bo xian and ming kun think im damn retarded and they were bluffing me abt me getting a pretty pink slip and i actually fell for their trick. haha. damn farnie la. and ohh to cheer myself up, i bought myself a chromium coloured powdered blush that is a limited edition. andd a light green halter. this is horrible. o's are coming out soo soon. its the first time im dreading to see my friends. siigh. and ive only had had one class outing this year, which only about half of them turned up. and we went pooling and stuff. was quite boring and we walked a lot alot. the good part wasthe food at sakae sushi. it was good. =) sushi is always good. i love sushis and pizzas and french cuisine... , lasagnes,ice cream, truffles, fudges... hmmm.... soo delicious. who cares about the calories in them when we are facing such temptations? like the chocolates from godiva... yum. oh no. im going to turn fat. haha. i should start exercising soon. my friends and i used to skip pe every time and sit arnd and gossip. it was soo fun. the teachers were exasperated to the point that they dont even care about us anymore. haha.hmm. i think i want to get my dad to go hilton hotel and buy me the cheesecake. they serve good cheesecakes there!!! and i still want to eat my crepe from crepe and cream!!! im missing out on all my favourite food!!! and my creme brulee... siigh. gag me. i should stop thinking about food. its so sinful. =P

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