*The Princess Diary*
Tuesday, February 10, 2004
i wanna go sleep. im damn damn tired. ive gotten in a whole lot fo trouble. a white slip which is a warning slip btw for those who are non-rafflesians. and ive been to the office and gotten scolded badly by the vp and the headmaster. bleahh. and i was crying because i was so scared. the vp told us that we cant appeal into the school anymore should we need to. and ive got a bad feeling for my o's results. please let it be good... i know changwen shiying they all sure no prob cause they are all damn damn smart. changwen and bo xian are geppers ok!!! siigh. and ohh ive gotten myself this nice nice lipstick that has a pretty shade of reddish-brown and lots of glitter in it. it's so pretty that i couldnt resist and ought myself another identical one. dumb things that i do. haha. and ohh, there's this another lip gloss that ive bought that comes in such a nice silverish packaging... a limited jap edition! it's full of glitter and shimmer (typical me) and it's kind of brown i guess. it's gorgeous. i cant wait to wear it out next time. yay!!!

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