*The Princess Diary*
Saturday, February 07, 2004
ok. im back. =) ayee... school life rocks. its so much fun and food. food? haha. yeah. we're munching on titbits alot during lectures to keep ourselves awake, but personally, i think it's just an excuse. haha. and i think im growing dat even though all my friends say no. they always give me that kind of are-you-crazy looks and tell me that im seriously not at and that im actually skinny... siigh. but i aspire to be model-like thin. okay. toothpicks i guess. fine. i've never been fat the whole of my life. i guess i have a high metabolism eh but still... i still wish to get skinnier. =) girls just have this thing for being skinny. ohh i met a few ex classmates in rj! tiff ong and jin ping and did i mention that jin ping was once my best friend? so cool. and something's even cooler. ive made a new good friend. =) shi ying. she's damn nice! its like the first time that we met and we're pouring out all our secrets to each other? haha. andd ive been going home so late everyday. i dun get a chance to get burnt anymore because i dont see the sun anymore. when i leave for school, the sun is not up yet and when i return, it's already down. ive been going out with friends and hanging out soo much. and as for my resolution to study.... i think it's out of the window... i did do that for like 2 weeks? then temption kicks in all over again. siigh. ive got little will power. im just partyingg my way in school and having such a wonderful awesome time. it's the best school ever!!! i just hope i get to stay in rj after the first three months!!! i like the people here alot alot. and ive got such a nice class with nice people. my class is fun with the correct balance of different kinds of people. and ohh. dexter is seriously a great pal. =) he's my god-brother now because he helped me escape from someone eh!!! haha. and apparantly, everyone hates chinese lessons because a lot of people are either skipping it totally, or complaining a lot about it. changwen and ronald skip chinese and shi ying and i, both not taking chinese, hang arnd with them. and i realise im being a horrible girl because i keep wanting to blow off my sec school friends to hang out with my current friends. bleahh. im sooo sorry. i really dun mean to!!! its just that i feel that this is a new school with new friends and i need to spend more time with them to really know them yar? i hope my friends understand. i heard they're having fun in hc... though i think the hc pple are generally more conservative (no offense to anyone). but they can still be fun i guess. horrible. rj is sooo fun that i dont miss my friends as much as they miss me. uh-oh. i think i'll go arrange some outings with them soon to diminish my guilt. but yess dears, dun get mistaken. i still miss you guys!

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