*The Princess Diary*
Thursday, January 29, 2004
this is damn spastic. i've not been blogging for a damn long time. i think i prefer penning my thoughts down. i dunno why but the computer fonts and everthing gives a very fake kind of feeling... like sort of far away? though theoritically, how can i be far away from my own thoughtS? hmm. and ohh that model like friends that zhong xing has turned out to be in my class. isnt that a wild coincidence or what? haha. his name is matin and he is awfully nice. then again, almost everybody in my class is awfully nice... well except a few. i just cant click with them... well, mainly, he. and that's weird because i think i click damn well with guys, sometimes even better than with girls. that he and i argue a lot alot and it's really heated argument, like we're really to kill each other or whatever. he gets on my nerves basically and always keep pestering me so much to the extent that i really really cant stand him any more. siigh. i guess im used to such stuff. im such a spitfire, can be damn emotional at times. i let my emotions rule me. like when i feel like crying, i cry and i make no effort to stop myself. i just wish he could go away. ohh orientation night was good, though a bit boringg. i'll miss my og i think... but we do still meet up every morn so it's still not bad i guess. now school has really started and i must try to focus and really get work done. im such a horrible slacker who pushes things to the very last min and then panick then and start crying. i should change i know but it's hard. if i could change easily, i would also rather erm change my habit of buying soo many clothes and accessories and make up everyday. i hardly use half the stuff i buy andd i think ive got enough make up to last me 3 life times. like... 13 lip glosses alone excluding lipsticks and lipbalms??? but ohh, i love shopping sooo much. i love trying on clothes and buying them and then dressing outrageously. its seriously damn fun. bleahh, i just realize im wasting alot alot of money on such material stuff... ok. sorry, im materialistic i guess. all my friends told me that... im soo spoiled. i think i should try and change. im not sure i can do that though..=)
Tuesday, January 27, 2004
happy chinese new year!!! eeks i think the cny mood is wearing off year by year. the only much thing that perks me up is the new clothes!!! haha. this new year, ive gotten my self a lot of nice clothes. there's this plaitted mini-skirt that i fancy most. its going with an orange spagett and they look damn good together!!! and then, there's this pink halter i got from converse that has glitter studs on it... i think it'll be going with a plain white pants or mabbe skirt. i got both because i couldnt decide. =) then there's this another halter that is striped and another black body-hugging shirt. and ohh... some cute clothes ive gotten too!!! there's this butterfly printed glittery shirt that is back-revealing, and this blue dotted spagett.. and anther cool black and white sleeveless shirt that shows attitude. =) what more... ohh. a red halter with white words on it and erm glitter again. and the exact same halter except that it's blue. i thought both looked so good so i got both. i think i'll give one to my mum. =) i think that's all the clothes i bought this new year... i shall keep on a lookout for more!!! cya then!

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