*The Princess Diary*
Wednesday, January 07, 2004
oh well. ive changed my mind. jc orientation kindda rocks. my og kindda rocks! yeah! it's getting more fun since after you get to know the people... =) you know what, the guys in rjc and dhs are completely different!yes and i mean it! the guys in dhs are those that you really cant talk to at all... or most of them are like that. but the guys is rjc are much more gentlemanly, and much more friendly. yupz. much nicer on the whole. i think im gonna like jc life. =) and oh, there's this guy who's so damn rich that he takes bird nests and chicken essence alternately. O_o. haha. seriously, the guys in dhs would never never do that! haha. but that guy is damn fun to tok crap with.. and oh. he's got good looking friends that look like models or something like that. =P heh. he's shorter than me though. owell... the guys in rjc are generally not that tall... i think it's singapore's prob on the whole. haha. i cant wait for an og outing! that'll be so cool! =).
Monday, January 05, 2004
okay. day 2 of orientation. and something that sums up practically what i feel is the article in today's newspaper. that the jcs orientations are enjoyable for those extroverts but not otherwise. im not gonna label myself as an introvert or anything but i admit that im not an extrovert. and plehh. i lost weight on the first day of orientation and today i fell sick. okay. i had this raging headache that went on and on for like 7 hours plus? haha. and oh. i noticed that the grp beside mine had this mix blood from ri and he's damn good looking. heh. like a model. or an actor. geesh, and tml we're gonna go dancing at suntec and i cant even memorize those dumb moves. talk abt public embarrassment. there's this guy who dances really well in my og though and his name is zhong xing... formerly from squash. as i said, a high class game =). owell, im sore and tired from the orientation... sigh. i'll repeat. rjc is not exactly a heaven for dunman high people. go vj!!! or mabbe hc!!! O_o. mabbe it'll be great in the future... but not now for me i guess. sigh. i sooo wanted this to work out... i guess those pples in hcjc doing a better job than me? being in rjc has really changed me man. im losing my appetite and ive become more... pessimestic. eeewwww... haha. guess i prefer my sec life. =)
Sunday, January 04, 2004
someday i will. someday i will be living in my own paradise. my castle. my fortress. i will be living in that picture... meanwhile, i shall cheer up!!!
*i will never cease to fly if held down*


okay okay. im starting to dread it. dread the start of tml... i was really upset just now. i cried. i cant believe i cried. okay, that's besides the point... but im really dreading it...
oh no. its a sunday. which also means that one long week of orientation stretches ahead of me. and yaqi is the sweetest friend that anyone can wish for! =) yuppz. okay. so here's the list of the people i miss as i promised yesterday, even though now i think its kindda stupid, but still. okay here goes.
yanling-yaqi-yuwadae-wenting-mayling-fangyi-linda-xiaoyin-all from my same batch. =)
and oh, yesterday i chatted with benjamin, i hardly remember that guy now, but he's got a superb memory and i found out that sherman is very very hardworking now. so, i guess that's good. cause he like failed 2 subs last yr? yeah. i hope he does well for the a levels. as a FRIEND ONLY okay. haha. and the conversation with zhao yang. all i can say is that... he's super nice. shant comment anymore. paying due respect to seniors. hahaha. but dun worry, its positive anyway. =) so okay. today im gonna sleep and sleep and sleep so that i can last for the other 5 days... and when im tired, i get really figetty, which is kindda bad because it makes me look impatient or whatever. and zhaoyang is going arnd with a video cam and i dun want to be labelled as antisocial or whatsoever in the very first beginning of the term. i guess i can be really me and natural with my old friends... whom really know me well. =) but otherwise... heh.

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