*The Princess Diary*
Saturday, January 03, 2004
all right. so today i chatted with yaqi and wenting and yuwadae. i miss you guys! i even miss yuwadae and her crap. haha. okay. i wont be mean. =) wenting's down with chicken pox so she'll skip orientation and return to school on the 12th. poor girl. i hope she gets better... and i miss yanling, fangyi, mayling and everybody from 4d! the girls i mean. haha.i heard that we'll be going wanyi's house on chinese new year. that'd be fantastic! i cant wait to meet up with them again! yanling says its nice in hcjc and that there are many dhs pple arnd there. alright. so now im jealous. there's pathetically few no of dunmanians in rjc. plehh. and although they keep emphasizing that we're all one big happy rafflesian family now, it's still kind of hard for the non raffles fr sec sch to fit in because almost everyone there is from the raffles family and they've known each other for a long time. still, my og kind of rocks though i'd still very much prefer to hang out with my bunch anyday. haha. not that im complaining. i quite like it here, its just that i need time to adjust okay? the environment and culture is so so so different from that of dhs if you get what i mean. 4 yrs in dhs and i didnt miss them at all during the hols. but now, it has been only one day and i miss them lots and lots. well, they miss me too! heh. to all my friends in dhs, yanmin loves ya! =) i'll come up with a list tml of the names of the pple i miss. okay. im still aching. my poor muscles! haha.
Friday, January 02, 2004
today is the first day of orientation. 2nd jan. fri. it's been only one day, and im sure missing my friends! all my bestest friends in the whole entire world fled to hc and left me fending for myself. haha. anyway, we did promise to meet up every last week of the month didnt we? haha we're super close because we're pretty similar in terms of personalities. we are all slackers. but who cares. we're a riot and have lots of fun together. so who cares? haha. okay. other than the teachers that is. hmm... so now im in rjc, in a og called apsytus. (i think that is the spelling). and i really think that it sounds like asparagus that vege. no offense though. and i could say that the og members are nice. and ive got great ogls. zhao yang and yangqian. and oh and oh, zhao yang was my bro's ex-desk partner in ri. isnt it funny how the world links up sometimes? and its been only one day and i've fallen once and got punched on the face once too. bleah. so injured. im bruised all over on my leg and my head stil hurts. ouch. okay. wish me luck for the other 5 days remaining left of orientation!
Thursday, January 01, 2004
argh. i dun want the school to reopen. i wish i had put hcjc as my first choice instead. at least i would still be with my best friends. and now they are still tog, well, minus me that is. i dont even think that im gonna sleep at all tonight. but the thought of me looking arnd the new school like a zombie with panda eyes is quite horrifying so im gonna try my very very best to fall asleep, if that is even possible. i hope that i'd be in the same og as any one dhs pple? which is kind of impossible since my bro in rj2 this coming year already told me that they'll try their very best to break everyone up. okay. so i'll be facing thousands of unfamiliar faces tomorrow. haha. and rj gives the grps the most extraordinary names... i cant remember mine and many of my friends too. i think mine sounded something like apple? owell. and my ogl's name is yang... yang something? like yang liang? im terrible at names. lol. i heard that orientation is going to last about 6 days? 6 days? i thought it would only be like 3 days? hmm... okay. im a slacker at heart. and oh, i hope everything is going to turn out fine tomorrow. it really doesnt have to turn out smashing or fabulous or anything, i just hope it turns out FINE. heh now i sound like kingshaw, that guy in im the king of the castle by susan hills, my o level lit book, who keeps saying, "this is alright. this is alright." i bet my friends are gonna roll their eyes now if they read this. and oh, btw, i love eng lit! =)
happy new year! =) it's 2004 already. that's fast. so today i went to boon lay for the countdown because my bro was one of the organisers there so we decided to go support him. afterall he put in a lot of effort into this event. we went there arnd 6.30pm i guess and we had dinner there. it was so crowded that the fast food restuarants had no more seats left and that kfc was an express counter. so owell. the coffee shop was horrible too. it was filled with the smell of smoke and i think many were drinking and they were all like middle-aged men i guess and they kept leering at me and i was pissed off. i hate pple like that. so abt half the time in the coffeeshop, i was rolling my eyes. duh. and then so we walked arnd the night market to find food, though i wasnt even hungry, i still ate something. and we had a hard time looking for my bro who had decided to to answer his hp. haha. found him finally at the foam party place where he was talking to a bunch of friends. i think one of them is his junior who would be in rjc science next yr too. well, basically, same as me. i think his name is simeon. and it was getting kind of boring and i was getting deaf from all the blasting of the music that we wanted to go jurong point instead for shopping. and on my way out, i was stopped by the channel u reporter who wanted to INTERVIEW me. thank goodness that i didnt join the foam party so he couldnt interview me in the end. imagine that. my face appearing on channel u news. my friends are gonna start laughing. haha. and oh and oh, there was this guy who mistook me as his gf and grabbed my hand. i immediately jerked my hand away and his gf looked on, looking so... well. blank. haha. that was funny. at least he had an explanation for that or i would have bashed him up. heh. well. then was the usual shopping and stuff... and ice creams and yeah. i went home not too late, but still tired. yeah. so night for now!

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